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3 Best Starter Kits to Quit Smoking!

3 Best Starter Kits to Quit Smoking!

Hey guys! Here at Summit, our most important goal is to make sure that our amazing customers completely stop smoking cigarettes. We are super passionate about our mission, and we want to make sure you are as excited and dedicated to quitting smoking as we are to helping you! That being said, here are the 3 best starter kits to make sure you never smoke a cigarette again. 


1. AVP by Aspire

This vape is super small and compact, but rocks a really large pod compared to most open pod systems. It comes in some beautifully bright colours like cherry red, and fluorescent orange and green. The micro USB charging port sits just on the bottom of the device, and the only button rests just under the 'aspire' logo. The button lights up, indicating battery life, however the device itself is draw activated - no buttons and easy to use! 


2. Priv N19 Kit by Smok


This tiny little monster is a great first step into vaping. The tank is the same as the Nord 19 tank, making the device compatible with all Nord coils. It has a super tiny screen on it that allows you to move through the temperatures, from low to high, and test out the different resistances you might feel depending on the coil you're using. This is a killer option if you're looking to quit smoking, and eventually move to a bigger box mod. 


3. Caliburn by UWell 

This little pod system is one of the absolute best vapes on the market. It has a tight draw, mimicking a cigarette super well and ensuring that you're still getting that same feeling as you would when you were smoking - but 95% healthier for you! It's a really simple system with removable magnetic open pods, the micro USB charging port on the bottom of the device, and of course it's incredibly easy to use button and light system. Five clicks on, five clicks off, this device lets you know its battery life every time you vape thanks to the little light on the front, and features a draw-activated vaping experience. That's right, you don't even have to click the button to vape from this bad boy! 


Looks like that's it! I'd love to hear what you guys think, and if you've ever used any of these devices! Until next time, folks! 

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