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A New Vape That Tracks Your Usage?

A New Vape That Tracks Your Usage?

As you all know by now, we aren't particularly fond of a popular little silver device, or the Silicon Valley startup that brought it into the market. However, JUUL Labs has just released a brand new vape - the JUUL C1 - onto the market that has an app attached. Basically the app tracks where, when, and how much you vape from the device, and also has a facial recognition software installed with the idea to deter underage users. 



JUUL has only released the device in Canada and the UK so far, though people seem to think it will be available in the US relatively soon. It has only just been revealed in Canada, and amidst the rising lawsuits JUUL can't seem to escape from in the US, I personally don't think it will be available any time soon for Americans. 


What's the technology being used? 

For anyone interested in the actual tech being used in this device, I went on to JUUL Canada's website to see what I could find out about their new C1. Currently, the JUUL app that is compatible only with their new device is only available on Android smartphones, however the device will also work as any other JUUL without the app. 

The options that they're promoting with the app are basically that you can track your daily usage, and even your usage from a month to month basis. A really interesting new feature is that you can manually, or automatically through the app, lock the device. This means that if your youngster happens to find your JUUL, they won't be able to use it if it's locked. It was also play a sound if you've lost the device and it's in range of your phone, another interesting feature. 

According to this article, JUUL will soon be releasing a feature on the app that enables the device to use geolocation and not work when on elementary or high school grounds (as an example). Another pretty cool feature. 



I still don't like or agree with JUUL Labs as a company, but some of the measures being taken are pretty interesting. I wouldn't be surprised if some other vape companies started moving in the same direction with their pod devices. If they did, I would be all over it, but JUUL is being funded by the same company that funds Phillip Morris cigarettes, and I just morally can't be swayed by them. 

Thanks for reading, and as always, let me know what you think! 


Do you think this new device will deter kids from vaping? 

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