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Cleaning Your Vape Tank

Cleaning Your Vape Tank

Cleaning Your Vape Tank

Whether you enjoy vaping one flavor or rotating several flavors, it’s important to keep your tank clean. Cleaning the tank on a regular basis is a part of good maintenance and allows you to get the best taste out of your vape products.

Ghosting happens when you switch e-liquid flavors without properly cleaning the tank. The residual taste of the first flavor lingers in the background like the spirits that haunt that old house on the corner of the street. This can be very unpleasant as the combination of flavors can leave a unique aftertaste that just doesn’t sit right. In essence, for the best possible e-juice flavor it's recommended that
you clean the tank when switching.

When you want your tank to be performing at its peak potential then it needs to be kept in that condition. It’s an unavoidable and unfortunate consequence of continuous use that gunk and residue buildup in the tank occurs. Vegetable Glycerin is one of the core components of vape juice ingredients, and if not cleaned and maintained the build up can affect your tank. Some results of this are diminished flavor, poor atomizer, reduced air circulation and a burnt taste.

Foreign Invaders
Your mouth is a not as clean as you think it is. One underrated reason to clean the tank is that the occasional spit (saliva) can enter while vaping and actually introduce germs and viruses into the e- juice tank. This creates an environment that is welcoming to those viruses. Another foreign invader is
the occasional lint that can get stuck in the mouth piece and blown back into the tank when in use.

What Can You Do?
Since each vaping unit is unique, it is recommended that you consult the instructions or speak with someone where you bought the unit about how to better care for the unit. However the basic steps
about cleaning it are as follows:

1. Empty the tank of all the e-juice, disassemble the unit and place the individual pieces into a bowl
of warm water. Make sure to give it a little stir to ensure the water flows through all the pieces.
2. Fill a second bowl with 50% water and 50% vodka. The vodka water helps with the disinfection
and provides a little shine to the stainless-steel sections. Transfer the pieces into this bowl and let sit for 5 minutes.
3. Rinse all the pieces and use a soft bristle toothbrush or cotton swab to to gently clean the pieces. Once cleaned and rinsed set the pieces on a paper towel to dry.
4. Once fully dry, install a new coil and re-assemble the tank pieces.

Cleaning the vape tank should be a simple and quick process as you do it more. Depending on how often you are vaping you may want to set aside one day a week to clean the tank and ensure that any other maintenance is complete. Don’t forget, a clean tank allows for better flavor and best use.

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