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Heart Health and Vaping

Hello everyone!


Today we will be dissecting a scholarly article published in December of 2019 proving the health benefits of quitting smoking through the use of e-cigarettes (vaping!). This one is filled with lots of scientific jargon, so pull up a seat and bear with me as I explain the graphs and tables in regular human English. You can find the article here: http://www.onlinejacc.org/content/74/25/3112

This study was created to find a more complete picture on how switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes affects the overall health of one’s heart and arteries. There are 3 major groups of people important to this study, traditional tobacco cigarette smokers, people switching to vaping with nicotine, and people switching to vaping without nicotine. All 145 people in these groups were at least 18, smoked at least 15 cigarettes per day for at least 2 years, and had no prior history of cardiovascular disease or predisposition to such conditions (such as a mother of father with heart problems).

The study was conducted from August 2016 to June 2018, and over the course of these two years, findings were super rad, from the linings of blood vessels, heart rate, and blood pressure! Within just 1 (one) month of switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes, vascular stiffness in the heart improved by a LOT for those who had been smoking for 20 or less years. Squishy arteries mean more blood flow! The stiffer your arteries are, the harder it is for blood to get through, meaning shortness of breath for the smallest of tasks, like going up some steps, which is entirely common amongst those who smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes. Not only this, but there was a significant change in blood pressure, the greatest change being seen when comparing systolic pressure of those smoking tobacco and those vaping without nicotine (a change of 4.3 mm Hg!).

Another finding was within one month, the heart-rate of those who had smoked for 20 or less years saw an increase of resting heart-rate by 2.6 beats/minute for those vaping with nicotine, and 5.2 beats/minute for those vaping without. This is a significant change in heart-rate, especially a resting one. An improved heart-rate means a happier body, with more oxygen being carried to the parts that need it and faster doing so – you can run longer, play harder, and have a shorter recovery period! It also means not being winded after going up the stairs, or moving a couch, or getting out of bed.

In just one month, people’s lives were changed. They could do more, breathe easier, and their hearts were beating stronger and more effectively than they had in years. In a world where smoking cigarettes and quitting cold turkey aren’t the only options, its studies like these that help show people the benefits of switching to vaping in order to eventually quit altogether. Switching to vaping has incredible health benefits, despite what the media portrays vaping as. In just one month, people were healthier, are one step closer to being freed from nicotine forever. Vaping saves lives, and all of us here at Summit are with you for every step of the way.


Peace and love,



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