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Moving From Salt Nic to Freebase E-Liquid: A Guide

Moving From Salt Nic to Freebase E-Liquid: A Guide

Hey guys! So I’m sure many of you have started out using salt nicotine vape juice, or vape juice with a higher nicotine content in order to stop smoking cigarettes. At this point you might have lowered your nicotine content, and are wondering what you can do in order to vape freebase juices, or those with a relatively low nicotine content compared to what you might be used to (for more information on the differences between salt nic and freebase juices, check out this blog!).



So you’re at the point to switch to freebase

As you work your way down in nicotine levels, you’ll notice that most salt nic juices only go down to around 20mg/bottle. Granted, some of them will go down lower, however at this point you might want to make the switch over to freebase juices. In order to switch to freebase juices you will need to make sure you have a device that freebase juice can be used in. The ones that come to mind are the big box mods, but those are definitely not your only options!

There are lots of smaller, more discreet devices that will allow you to vape freebase juice, and you won't look like you're just trying to chuck mad clouds, bro. 

The Nord 19 Vape Pen by Smok

This tiny little pen is super compact, and allows you to vape both salt nic and freebase juices with the right coil inside. It's super easy to use, maintains that tight draw that most smaller pod devices have, and let's you move to a freebase juice with ease.

The Aegis Solo Mini Kit by GeekVape 

This little guy is smaller than some pod systems! What makes it stand out so much, aside from it being so tiny and still being considered a box mod, is that it's completely water, dust, and shock proof. You can drop this guy off a balcony and the vape itself will be fine. It comes in a few different colours, and exclusively takes freebase juice. 


What about the head rush I get from vaping salt nic? 

Great question! The reason you're getting a bit of a head rush is definitely because it's a higher nicotine level, but you have to keep in mind your likely using smaller devices and not getting as much vapour as you will using a device meant for freebase juice. When you vape freebase juice out of the proper device, you get the exact same rush you would using a pod device, mainly because the vapour production is much greater than in those smaller devices. Less vapour, higher nicotine. More vapour, lower nicotine. Same end result! 

Thanks for reading, hope this helped to clear up some things! Leave a comment, and let us know what ya think! 


Have you made the switch to freebase juice? 

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