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The Problem With Media and Vaping

The Problem With Media and Vaping


When I write blogs, the first thing I do is Google ‘vapes’, and click the news tab. This not only keeps me up to date on what’s going on in the vape world, but also gives me ideas to write about prominent topics of interest to the vape community. Lately, as I click on Google’s news tab and read headlines, every single clickbait article I read has something to do with how vapes are negatively impacting peoples lives. The media has shaped the vaping industry, and it isn’t in a positive light.

Clickbait Titles

I understand the premise behind clickbait headlines and titles, I mean, I do write blogs. That being said, when you use a headline like “8 Teens Hospitalized for Vaping”, the immediate thought is that these kids have lung damage inherently and primarily caused by vaping. In the article I’m referring to, if you keep reading, it’s revealed that the teens thought they were vaping cannabis, or THC more specifically, and weren’t in fact vaping regular vape juice at all. The title of this article would suggest however, that vaping is the cause of their illnesses, when in fact it wasn’t.

Titles and headlines like this immediately put vaping in a bad light, furthering the culture of fear of the unknown for people who don’t vape, and causing people who might consider using vaping as a cessation tool for smoking to rethink their decision for fear of being hospitalized. It’s frustrating, not just as a business, but for people who are passionate about eradicating smoking cigarettes, and using vaping to do that.



Let’s be honest, the majority of people are only ever going to read the title of an article and maybe the first paragraph before moving on to something more interesting. The misleading titles seriously hurts the real information, studies, and research that has been made in order to prove vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, and one of the most effective cessation tools.

Let me make myself clear, I am not claiming that vaping is inherently healthy for you. It isn’t, you’re still putting something in your body that shouldn’t be there, and most people who vape are still using it as a way to have their nicotine content without having to smoke. However, vaping is 95% safer than smoking, and if you were going to do one or the other, vaping is what you should choose.



If you’re caught making a decision about how to quit smoking, and all you’re reading are continuously negative articles about vaping, I would highly recommend looking deeply into the topic before coming to an ultimate conclusion. There is a lot of really great articles and studies surrounding vaping that gives conclusive and unbiased information, and that don’t rely on fear mongering as their main headline. It’s important to be aware of what you’re reading, and important to understand the biases that may have gone into the writing. Obviously, writing for a vape company, I am a bit biased. However I absolutely believe that vaping is the best, and healthiest option to quit smoking, and that is based in the factual articles and research I immerse myself in.


Thanks for reading, guys! As always, leave me comments so I know what you’re thinking!


How often do you see positive news about vaping? Do you think the way media portrays vaping is appropriate?

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