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Vape Girl - Pink Vape? Oh heck yeah, honey!

Vape Girl - Pink Vape? Oh heck yeah, honey!

Pink Vape? Oh heck yeah, honey!


Attention all fellow vape girls!

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking “gosh, I wish there was more female representation in the community!”, or “holy heck, I just want a flamingo pink vape, is that so much too ask?!”, prepare yourself. For I am about to make your lives so much easier. This gal’s got your back.

For everyone looking for cute vapes, from pens to mods, this blog is for you. Hey there, my name is Charlotte (my friends call me Char-Char), I’m with Summit Vape Co. (our friends call us awesome), and I’m about to pop off a list of my favourite devices and accessories for all of those who just want to add a little dash of adorable to their daily lives. I hope you are all as excited as I am to begin this fairytale journey through the world of fantastical vapes, and to help annihilate the vicious cycle of “okay….but does it come in pink?”.


For the first part of this series, we’ll start off with the devices you’ve been dying to discover.



Drag Mini - VOOPOO

Colour: Purple




If you’re a guy or gal just simply lookin’ for a little cotton candy in your life, the Drag Mini is here to fulfill all of your deepest pastel dreams.

With a beautiful resin mix of lilac, purples, blues and pinks, this mod will have the Disney royalty inside you jumping for joy at both the design, amazing flavor payoff, and insane vapor production. With this device’s internal battery and massive tank, you won’t have to worry about purchasing external batteries and a charger to match or sticking up the inside of your bag with the residue that comes with constantly refilling your mod. I recommend this device to everybody – whether you’re starting off or an experienced member of the #VapeNation. Wanna get your hands on the mini? Look no further, we have some in stock here!



LUXE – Vaporesso

Colour: Iris, Rainbow


As far as girl vape mods go, this ultra-sleek and fashionable design provides the perfect fit for those who want a full-on glam moment, and for those who want something a little more reserved.


Backed by their history of dependable devices, Vaporesso made huge strides within the community when it released it all new touch screen for the LUXE, perfect for all the tech savvy vape girls in your life. With multiple designs released, I’ve scouted 2 designs on either end of the feminine spectrum, whether you’re a modest mama or a sparkling superstar.

Iris is a beautiful and electric take on the windows to the soul, providing vibrant colour without being too in your face, matched with a blue tank fit for a Queen.

The more outlandish design, Rainbow, provides an excellent display of “I AM HERE AND I AM AMAZING”, with its bold colours, all over oil-spill design, and a star the size of American freedom. Check ‘em out on our website here.


Twister – FreeMax

Colour:  Sugar Skull 


For this next one, we’re gonna go a little more punk rock for all those girls out there who love a little black-and-white baddie moment.


The Twister is one of my personal loves, and hands down my absolute go to pen device. On top of an amazing flavor payoff and nearly impossible to destroy design, one thing that makes this device stand out from the crowd of vape pens is your ability to control wattage. This device gets it’s name from the twisting wattage control at its base, giving you the ability to increase and decrease as you please – something I have yet to find as well executed in other pen devices. Not only that, but c’mon…. the design? SO COOL. I love her. She’s beautiful.

For the peeps who like a little more vibrancy in their devices, don’t worry! Not all hope is lost! They have a huge range of colours and designs that make a hefty statement for whichever style you prefer to rock. Feast your eyes on the amazing, fanciful, badass designs of the FreeMax Twister. Here’s where you can find this bad mama-jama on our website.




That’s all for today folks! Thanks for stopping by and hanging out with me! I hope I was able to scratch the burning itch of desire for everyone looking for some super cute vapes.  I’ll see you guys in the next instalment of the Vape Girl series! Don’t forget to let me know if there’s any other topics you’d like me to cover, or if you have any questions about vaping in general!


Are there any other girly vape products you’d like me to scope out for you?

Charlotte xoxoxo

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