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Vaping and Politics

Vaping and Politics

At one point, not too long ago, vaping was simply something that people did to quit smoking, or to blow clouds as a pass-time. Recently, vaping has become increasingly political. 


America's Thoughts

In searching through the latest vape news, I discovered that most Americans are single issue voters, meaning they vote for or against someone based on one or two things directly affecting their lives. After President Orange Kool Aide announced the potential ban of flavoured vape juice, there has been an outcry from voters claiming they refuse to vote for him should he proceed with the flavour ban. 

Frankly, I am under the belief that nobody should be voting for such a blatantly awful person in the first place. That being said, vaping has become such a politicized issue that all of these non-political people are threatening to vote solely based on the candidates' individual stances on vaping. 


Canada's Thoughts 

Beginning in January, 2020, Ontario will have serious limits on the advertisement of vaping products. Convenience stores will no longer be able to put posters in the windows, and gas stations will have to abide by the same promotion rules cigarettes fall under. 

This means promotion of vapes and vaping products will be exclusively limited to specialty vape stores and cannabis retail stores, where you absolutely have to be 19 to even enter the stores, and, if run properly, where ID will be checked upon entry. This is something I've been suggesting since I started in this industry. In my opinion, it's the best possible way to combat teen vaping, while maintaining a great smoking cessation tool for adults. 



No matter what anyone does, all new things unknown to the old white dude in power is going to be scary, and the less people know the more angry and confused they get. Instead of educating themselves, we tend to see adults reading headlines and reacting much like children would. The USA has some things to work on in terms of vaping, but let's be honest, so long as they keep voting in the Orange Monster or others like him, what can we expect? So far, Canada seems to know what to do and how to combat teen vaping in a way that benefits everyone. 


Could Canada be doing something more? Should the Cheeto be voted back into office? Let us know in the comments! 

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