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Weed is legal…vaping isn’t?

Weed is legal…vaping isn’t?

As of roughly 2pm, June 27th, the recreational use of marijuana is officially legal in Illinois. Whoot whoot! On the other hand, earlier this week San Francisco became the first major US city to officially criminalize the use and ownership of vapes and vape products.

It honestly all seems so hasty and strange to me.

Personally, as someone who partakes in both of these activities, it feels strange that putting actual smoke in your lungs is legalized (after having been criminalized and thought of as a harmful “gateway” drug for so long), and vapour — something that I’m sure I don’t have to remind you is 95% healthier than smoking cigarettes — is considered a danger to society.

It feels like there is almost a culture of fear around vaping, particularly because the only readily available information concerning vaping is via news outlets attempting to grab a story and promoting the super rare consequences of not knowing how to treat a vape device.

Speaking of the treatment and cause of these bad news stories; stay tuned for a blog about that coming soon!

Anyway, back to this fun mess!

I have a great question that I’m sure we’re all thinking, what about weed vapes? Can those still be used if weed is legal and vaping isn’t?

What about weed vapes?

With the legalization of weed in some places and the criminalization of vaping in others, so begs the question about weed vapes.

“But, Sam, how can I possibly vape weed if vaping is going to make me die?”, you ask, tears rolling down your cheeks.

“Fear not, my child,” I begin. “I will explain it all away.”

Essentially, the inception of this ban on vaping comes from a lack of understanding of how youth are obtaining vapes, and what exactly to do to deter them from wanting to vape. Let’s be honest y’all, kids want to vape because it’s cool and it’s a new commodity, not that we agree with it. 13 year olds are not trying to quit smoking. As I’ve explained in my last blog, the way to deter kids from getting vapes and from wanting to vape is to crack down on the availability and sales of vapes and products, not to outright ban them. You can read about teen vaping more in depth here.

But of course, if something is truly hurting children, the US government will immediately ban it (unless it’s guns of course, can’t take those away).

Weed vaping is a great new way to get that sick high you’re looking for without having to smell like marijuana, and without having to blow that smoke all over other people. Not to mention vaping it is so much better for your lungs!

So what’s going on in San Fran? Basically the bill they’ve passed states that it is illegal to purchase or own vapes for the purpose of vaping nicotine (or just vapour I guess?), however weed vapes remain legal for purchase in the city.

For them to be able to put vaping in the category of dangerous substances and then remain open on the idea of vaping weed seems so peculiar.


Essentially, with the knowledge we have about vaping, and with new research emerging every day, banning vapes is such a drastic measure to take to combat teen vaping — as they claim they are doing. To take these measures, without outright banning all kinds of vaping including vaping marijuana or cannabis is incredibly hypocritical of them. In my opinion, the only way to combat the so-called epidemic that is vaping is to put more time and research into how people have access to vapes who are not already smokers — especially teens.

Always a pleasure to share my opinions!

Why do you think San Fran banned vaping, but remains relaxed on weed vapes?

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