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Vape Shop Kitchener Waterloo Privacy Policy


Summit Vape Co’s policy is that your information that is collected through our web-site or in-store is used responsibly, only by Summit Vape Co. and kept secure. This privacy policy explains why, how and when we’ll use any information we collect.

Our main goal is for your information is to help us serve you better. We may review our collective data to improve our shipping procedures, scout for new retail locations, or gather metrics to optimize our production and save you money. We also need your contact information so that we reach out to you in the case of a lost order, recall or promotion.

At any time, should you no longer wish to be on our mailing list, just respond to any newsletter and instruct us to remove you from the list. We will remove you from the system and you should not receive any promotions in the future. Should you continue to receive newsletters after requesting to be removed, just give us a call and we’ll investigate. Should you wish that all your information (including your account) be removed permanently from our systems, please give our head offices a call and we’ll manually remove you from our systems entirely. 

By visiting www.summitvapeco.com and its pages, you are agreeing to the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy in their entirety. Please do not visit www.summitvapeco.com if you do not agree to these terms in their entirety.

Privacy Policy

The only information collected and used by Summit Vape Co. is information provided by the user, voluntarily. Information is typically collected through forms when you sign up for an account, but may be collected at other times or locations, such as for a giveaway, promotion or survey. If you do not want Summit Vape Co. to collect or use your information, do not provide it to us when asked.

If you do provide us with your information, it will be collected and stored securely, and used only to improve our processes, update you with information and/or promotions, and fulfil our responsibilities to you as a customer.  

Any information that would identify you as a person (Name, Address, Contact Information, IP Address) are not shared with the public or any other business or organization not operated by Summit Vape Co. or its directors without your consent.

At no time will Summit Vape Co. share or sell your information to any third-party not operated by Summit Vape Co. or its directors, nor will we use that information for corporate gain outside of the interests of Summit Vape Co. or its subsidiaries. 

In the event that an authority requests disclosure of your information, specifically or as part of a general collective, we will only provide it if we are legally required to do so, or to meet the reasonable responsibilities of our corporation and its interests.

In the event that Summit Vape Co. or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates is purchased, sold, or acquired, your information will be transferred to the rightful owners of Summit Vape Co. at that time. 

Changing or Updating your Information

Obviously, it is in our best interests (and yours) that your information is complete, accurate and up-to-date. Should you need to update, change or remove your information for any reason, you can do so by clicking the “Account” section at the top, right-hand side of the page and selecting the applicable information.

General, Collected Information

You may visit and browse www.summitvapeco.com without an account, and therefore without providing any personal information. Some information, however, is automatically collected by our website, which is standard practice for most websites. This information may include the Internet browser you used to access the site, the domain name of the website which directed you to our site, the specific pages you visited within our site, the duration you spent on each page, and your computer’s IP address.

This information can only, and will only be used to infer general conclusions about our company, such as: the effectiveness of our marketing, the effectiveness of our systems, our daily visitor counts, etc. We use these inferred conclusions to continually improve your experience with Summit Vape Co..

When you view www.summitvapeco.com, the system may collect and store information on your computer as Cookies – another standard practice with most websites. Cookies are data that let us system remember your preferences, and tailor relevant content to you specifically. You can block and/or Cookies from your computer through your web browser, but keep in mind that doing so may limit some of the functionality of our website.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Summit Vape Co. reserves the right to change or modify this Privacy Policy at any time, without advanced notification. We will take reasonable measures to ensure that significant changes are communicated to our users (via a newsletter) but it is ultimately the responsibility of the user to verify that they are up-to-date on the current policy. 

Summit Vape Co. is located at 355 Erb St West #3B, Waterloo, ON N2L1W4, Canada