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6 Vape Juices That Will Blow Your Mind

6 Vape Juices That Will Blow Your Mind

Hey guys! The amazing staff here at Summit have come together to pick our top 5 favourite e-liquids, and we are super excited to share them with you! We have a great mix of dessert, fruit, and even menthol/mint flavours. 


Les, the owner of Summit Vape Co, has picked his top two flavours, which both happen to be incredibly tasty dessert flavoured juices. 

1. Sugar Cookie by Glas Basix

This juice has so many benefits, and is one of the top sellers here at Summit. As the company puts it, you'll taste a warm, buttery cookie, with a sweet cinnamon and nutmeg twist on the exhale. Mmmmmmmmm!

2. Fair Grounds by Met4

This fun, vibrant juice is the perfect reminiscent taste of a deep fried cream cake you would get at the local fall fair. It brings back those fair food days, for sure! 



One of the staff here, Charlotte, adores her minty flavours, and always goes directly to the freshest flavours available! 

3. Peppermint by Elixir

This juice gives an amazing instant chill, almost a reminder of that sweet relief when you pop in some peppermint gum!

4. Ice by Vital. 

This juice packs a serious punch. If you want your entire body doused in a minty fresh flavour for the rest of the day, this is absolutely the juice for you! The name suits, it's truly icy to the core. 



To finish it off, we had Sam, another staff member, pick her absolute favourite fruity flavours to share with you guys, and she certainly didn't disappoint! 

5. Sour Chew by Fresh Farms 

This juice is a seriously sour apple-grape flavour. Backed with the perfect granny smith apple when you first inhale, you get a sweet mixture with a hint of grape on the exhale. Super awesome for those sour fruit lovers!

6. Pacha Mama: Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine by Charlie's Chalk Dust 

This light flavour brings out a tropical vibe with the flawless mixture of different fruits. The absolute best juice for a day on the beach (in the designated vaping area, of course)! 


Do you like any of the juices shown here? What's your go-to juice of choice? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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