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5 Signs It's Time To Use A New Vape Coil

5 Signs It's Time To Use A New Vape Coil

In store, we tell every customer who purchases a new device or tank the keys to making their coils last longer. After all, saving money is one of the big advantages of vaping over smoking cigarettes (Health is obviously number 1 by a huge margin). The most important step to making the most of each and every coil is to prime your new coil every time you replace one. You do this by dabbing a little bit of e juice on each piece of cotton and then let it sit for 10 minutes.

However, coils will not last a lifetime. They're designed to be used and then tossed. No matter how effective you are at taking care of your vape coils, they will ultimately need replaced. 

This is just a necessary evil of vaping e-cigarettes, which doesn't even compare to normal smoking. Your coil heats the e liquid and has a crucial role in vaporizing.  If you fail to replace it when necessary, you risk vaping burnt cotton. This is not good for your lungs, so be vigilant when it comes to changing out your old coils.

Before you toss out your old vape coil, make sure it's actually dead. Doing so can save you a lot of time and money. So many newbie vapers throw out their coils before they're actually dead, wasting them a ton of money. We're here to save you money AND educate you on this important harm reduction tool we call vaping. 

If you're unsure as to if you should replace your coil, have a read in this vape blog and decide for yourself. Without further adieu, here are 6 signs that it's time to replace that burn out vape coil;

Tip #1 It taste super burnt, maybe like burnt toast. 

This is the surest way to know if your coil is toast. It will start tasting extremely harsh and burnt. Everyone will experience the delicious taste of burnt cotton at least once in their vaping career. But the less you do, the better. 

This burning taste is the easiest way to tell if it's time to throw out your coil. Sometimes a simple clean will fix this. Many times, it's too late and it's time to put a new coil in. 

If you vape for a prolonged period of time with a burnt out coil, you risk damaging other parts of your tank/atomizer. Don't mess around at this point, throw out your burnt coil and fresh one in ASAP.

Tip #2 - Your E-Juice Doesn't Take Right

Ever try a cookie e juice at the vape store and then when you get home it tastes like a rubber hose that was left out in the sun?  

Try swapping out your old coil for a new one, 9/10 time this will solve your issue!

Tip #3 Your Coil Is Making A Pop or Gurgle Sound

Like when you experience a leaking issue, this issue can pop up when you need to change your coil. This can mean there is a bigger issue with your vape atomizer, but we recommend you throw a new coil on first before replacing anything else. 

Tip #4 - Your E-Cigarette or Vape Is Leaking

Ever experience leaking issues with your vape? This can mean it's time to change to a new coil. The cotton within your coil may be oversaturated and just needs replaced. 

Some devices such as the Smok Nord or Novo have known leaking issues, if this happens, try a new pod. If that doesn't do it, search Vape Shop Near Me and get a lending hand.


Tip #5 - You've Been Using Your Coil For A Very Long Time

Vape coils are not designed to last forever. The longevity depends on your style of vaping. Do you hit it hard and chain vape? Do you go long and slow? If you hardly hit on your vape, your coil may even last you a month. Everyone is very different, vaping is a very personal thing.


How do you improve the longevity of your vape coil? 

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