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Are You The Average Vaper?

In a recent study released by Health Canada, it turns out vaping has an average type of user, and vaping happens more in specific regions of the country than in others. The results might surprise you!


The Average 

Turns out the average person who vapes are males between 20-24, living in Quebec. I personally see this represented here in Ontario as well. I find that most people who are vaping regularly, and using box mods rather than pod systems, are young men. This is a super represented and almost overdone aspect of vaping - that it's a mans world. 

Another major average highlighted by this study was that younger vapers, under 30, tend to prefer fruity juice flavours over other flavours, however the ability to blow vape tricks was a huge aspect of them starting to vape in the first place. On the flip side, vapers over 30 were almost tied between fruity juice flavours and tobacco flavours, with vape tricks not even representing any part of the conversation. 


Why is this important? 

It's important for business and consumer alike to understand the impact and general average the vaping industry is catering to. According to the current smoking trends in Canada, middle-aged men are smoking far more and far heavier than women of any age. That being said, why is it that young men are the average vaper in Canada? 

The ultimate goal is to reach out to those smokers and have them stop smoking using the tools vaping provides. Thanks to pod systems, vaping has become a lot easier for people to do and maintain, making it a more attractive alternative to smoking cigarettes for younger people. In the same light, middle-aged and older people should have an easier time quitting smoking with the simplicity and ease of pod systems. 


What do we see? 

Here at Summit, we see people of all ages. Granted, we do have some young folks try to come in, however we are a strictly 19+ store, and are very serious about maintaining that and helping people quit smoking. In fact, here in the store, the average customer we have are a perfect mix of men and women, anywhere between 30-35. 

We encourage smokers of anywhere from 19 to 100 to come in and experience the life changing effects of quitting smoking. We promise you'll feel so much better within just a week. 


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Did the average vaper surprise you? When did you start vaping, or learning about vaping?

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