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What is Spice? (synthetic cannabis)

Hey guys, I'm here to talk about a growing concern amongst young vapers who cannot legally obtain weed vapes: spice. 


What is spice? 

Spice is a mixture of chemicals that people have called synthetic cannabis. It's an incredibly dangerous drug, immensely addictive, and has been known to turn people into 'zombies'. Essentially it's a bunch of lab-made chemicals all mixed together that is supposed to mimic the effects of THC, which it fails to do. 


Why do we care?

Recently, there have been a tonne of incidents in the news about kids who have purchased vape pods on the street, thinking they're filled with cannabis oils and/or extracts, and they are in fact not. Most of them are filled with spice, causing young kids to go into a zombie-like state. 

Some kids have even said that the drug ruined their lives in a matter of months because of how addicting it is, and the kind of person they became when on it or craving it. It's incredibly dangerous, and kids who are not of legal age to buy both vape accessories and cannabis are purchasing it thinking it's perfectly safe. 


How do we prevent it?

The biggest thing is that kids are buying these street products because they don't have access in specialty vape stores in order to buy proper weed vapes, let alone access to safe, governmentally grown cannabis. I don't want kids to think they have to be vaping weed and end up with spice, in fact I don't want kids to vape or smoke anything until they're old enough to make that choice safely. 

The best option is to keep our youth educated about the severe dangers and consequences of buying these products on the street, and have educational and in depth conversations with them in order for them to understand the various kinds of vapes, and why street vapes and street drugs are incredibly dangerous. 


Have you ever heard of spice? How do you think we can stop kids from getting street vapes? 



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