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Cloud Chuckers Unite! A Guide To Top Notch Box Mods

Cloud Chuckers Unite! A Guide To Top Notch Box Mods

Are you the type of person who likes to blow mad clouds? Do you want your bedroom foggy at all times? Do you have an incessant need to show off the sickest jelly fish with your sweet, sweet vapour? This blog is for you! 

We're highlighting some of the best box mods we have in store, so come get excited with us and vape circles around all of your friends! 


Drag 2 kit by Voopoo

This mod is probably one of the most famous kits available on the market. It has always been a cloud chuckers dream to own a drag! This beauty comes with a UForce T2 tank on it, making it a full kit with insane juice flavour and a bubble glass to hold more for your vaping needs. The duel 18650 batteries are external on this guy for easier charging, and it goes up to 200W. Coming in a variety of sick colours, this is definitely one of our favourites here at Summit. 


Puma by Vapor Storm 

This crazy mod is just the mod itself in the box. It takes duel 18650 external batteries, as well as the USBC charging port on the front of the device. A 26ml tank will fit perfectly atop this fella, and it goes up to 200W. It's a super lightweight device, and comes in some of the wackiest and most unique colour schemes I've ever seen. The fire button sits on the front, blending in super well with the colour scheme and the fairly big screen. It's a super cool device, and I promise you won't find another like it! 


Shogun Univ by iJoy 

This mod is killer, we actually use it as a tester mod here at Summit! It's a super durable device, and comes in some awesome swirled colours similar to the Drag kit. Using duel external 18650 batteries, it goes up to 200W and packs some serious punch. It's best recommended with the Katana sub ohm tank, but you can fit any 5.5ml tank on it. It's a sturdy hold in the hand, and perfect for truly blowing clouds! 


That ends our sick box mod series, but there are a lot of other really amazing devices on the market! If you're looking for something a bit more feminine (not that these aren't), be sure to check out this blog! Thanks for reading, and leave me a comment! 


What's your favourite box mod? Is there a particular mod you'd like to see covered? 



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