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New To Vaping? 5 Easiest Vapes To Get Started!

New To Vaping? 5 Easiest Vapes To Get Started!

Are you new to vaping? Do you hate the idea of having to know every little thing about every vape just to get started? Do you want something simple and easy to manage? This is the blog for you! 


1. Caliburn by UWell

Of course I'm going to mention the Caliburn. This is one of the absolute easiest vapes to use! It mimics a cigarette to help you quit smoking, and maintain a much healthier way of getting the same nicotine content you're used to. You also have the option to move down in nicotine levels because it's an open pod system! It's draw activated, but also has the option to push the button if that's what you prefer. The pods are super easy to fill, and you just replace them when one starts to burn out. 


2. AVP by Aspire 

The AVP is another open pod system. The pods just pop in and out magnetically, and they're a bit bigger than most pod devices. They fill on the bottom and have a catch to prevent any leaking, with a lot of air flow for bigger clouds. It's draw activated, and has a super small button for battery life and to turn the device on and off. A really simple, really cute device to get you started! 


3. Edge by Suorin 

This small vape is super easy to use. It's about the same size as a Caliburn. The open pod does come separately, but it's really easy to fill and carry with you. The device itself actually comes with two separate, chargeable batteries that you can pop in so you never have to wait for your vape to charge, and it has a lock button on the side - something that is very rare for pod vapes.  Just pop the pod in and go! 


4. JC01 by OVNS

This device is probably one of, if not the, smallest device on the market right now. It's so small it can fit in that little mini pocket in your jeans perfectly, and still have room to slide around. If you're just starting out, the pods have a great fill system, and the battery is pretty good for a new user. The only thing that might deter people is that it has a 5 second cut off on the draw. Basically that means while you're vaping from the draw activated tip, it will cut off on you after 5 seconds. Most seasoned vapers only vape for about 2 seconds anyway, so a new vaper would never even notice that it cuts off. 


5. Twister by Freemax

This vape is a pen-style, a little bit bigger than the other vapes shown here. If you're new to vaping, but you still want to blow big clouds and really taste your e-liquid, the Twister is a great device for you. With this one, unlike pod systems, you do have to change the coil out, but it's really easy once you get the hang of it. Also unlike pod systems, you can actually change the wattage you're vaping at by twisting the bottom and choosing from anywhere between 10W to 80W. This device is super sick, and comes in so many wild and wacky designs you'll have a hard time choosing! 


Well, those are the 5 easiest vapes to grab when you're just starting out. Thanks for reading, and please feel free to leave a comment, or even pop in to the store if you have any questions about these devices! 


Would you try any of these vapes? Which one is your favourite? 


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