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The Best Kitchener Waterloo Vape Shop

The Best Kitchener Waterloo Vape Shop

The Best Kitchener Waterloo Vape Shop

How Vaping Helped Me Quit


Making the decision to quit smoking is easy. We all want to quit smoking! The hardest part of achieving that goal is actually doing it. Like many people I tried gum, patches, went to doctors and I just couldn’t make the jump from thought to reality. Then, I came across vaping, and after some initial hang ups about it I made the decision to quit smoking by using vaping. 

While doing some research, I realized that there are a few factors to consider. Like millions of people across the country, I came to realize that as much as I wanted to use vaping to help me quit, there wasn’t a retailer set up to help me get started. So I began my quest to find the best vape shop in the marketplace that can help me. 

I broke it down into a 5 main categories that helped me make the decision in picking the best vape shop. 

Location, location, location. What does that mean? As much as being able to drive to place to pick up the things that I want is amazing, I want a retailer that can deliver my products as well. I tend to be mobile for work so having the option of ordering online and delivery is something that was key to me. 

Knowledge is power. Having a team that knows how to answer all my questions is vital. I am after all new to this vaping scene and my reason to vape could be different from yours. Having a trusted person answer my questions is very valuable to me, especially when I am looking at picking out e-juice and mods. 

First impressions only happen once. As much as the look of a ghetto covered in graffiti with loud music blaring in the background while kids are doing 180 kick flips off the rails on their skateboards in front of the store is impressive to some, it’s not for me. My generation is a bit older and I would prefer a place that has a welcoming and comfortable environment. 

Service and selection. Do you have something unique or exclusive that I might enjoy? Do you offer a wide range of products and prices for all budgets? Can you help me with repairs or warranties if I need help? Do you stand behind the products you sell?

Reputation is key. The best vape shop to me is also one that considers the community at large. Businesses need sales to survive but making sure to check proper ID of patrons is a vital step. Checking online to see legitimate reviews and experiences people have had with the business  is key, social media and google are great places to start and to see what image and brand they have. I also considered the involvement that they have had in the community.  

Now you may be asking what vape shop I went to and I’ll tell you. Summit Vape Co. in the Kitchener Waterloo area of Ontario has my business. They scored high on the things that I value in a business and what I consider to be key aspects for the best vape shop. 

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