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Vaping in Public

Vaping in Public

Have you ever been sitting on a bus, or train, and felt the urge to vape right then and there? Most people would stifle the urge, out of respect for everyone around them. Some people? They feel it is their right and privilege to vape into the faces of those oppose them. 

This is the story of a young girl in Toronto. 


The Beginning 

A young woman (Stacey, a pseudonym) got on the TTC on August 8th and proceeded to vape into the face of an older woman (Gail, also a pseudonym) on the train. Gail calmly asked Stacey not to vape in a crowded public space, to which the girl scoffed and refused. Another young woman (Claire) came to the defence of Gail, asking Stacey to be respectful of the people on the train and refrain from vaping. 

This all seems normal, right? 


The Abrupt End 

When Stacey basically yelled "screw you" to Claire, Claire immediately rose her voice and faced the girl. She told her how incredibly rude and disrespectful it is to continue vaping, and to so violently oppose anyone asking her not to. Stacey proceeded to take her hoop earrings out and try to fight Claire, to which Claire refused but continued to explain common courtesy. 

Eventually, Stacey's friend physically dragged her out of the train by the back of her shirt, presumably so as to avoid a physical fight. 


My Thoughts 

As I've mentioned, I would always rather see people vaping than smoking cigarettes. That being said, please remain respectful of your environment when you're vaping. Vaping already has a bad name in the media, we don't need to contribute to that image. Don't vape in crowded spaces, don't vape indoors unless you have special and direct permission from the owner of the space, and for the love of all that is good do not vape directly into peoples faces. 


Have you ever seen people actively setting back the vaping community?

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