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Vapes Being Illegally Sold?

Vapes Being Illegally Sold?

In the continuous battle between the FDA and the vape industry, a new story has emerged making the claim that the FDA has removed 44 pod systems from the market. Apparently, these systems are being sold illegally and did not have the authorization from the government to sell in the USA. 


What are the pod systems being removed? 

Funnily enough, the systems themselves are not named in the only article I could find about these overhaul. It merely named the four companies providing these system to the market. I also have a tendency to question this 'decision' by the FDA for more reasons than one. 

First of all, the fact that one online magazine is carrying this story, and nobody else is, makes the entire situation look a bit falsified. Secondly, the article is so incredibly vague about the actual information they're providing. They only named the four providers - companies that nobody here has ever heard of - and link more of their own vague articles as their sources. The only definitive statements being made in this entire article are the increasingly fear-mongering headlines. 


I thought you said the FDA was for vaping?

About a month ago the FDA claimed what most vapers already know - that vaping is a great cessation and harm reduction tool for smokers. Now the FDA is reportedly looking into 127 cases of people having seizures caused by 'vaping'. What people are not telling you with their frankly ridiculous headlines is that these cases are from people vaping Spice, a synthetic and very dangerous version of cannabis. It enrages me that they bundle vaping as a cessation tool, and a much healthier version of anything else on the market, with vaping dangerous drugs. 



For goodness sake, when will North America, and namely the US, stop being so f*****ing afraid of vaping, and start educating themselves about the benefits of vaping vs. smoking cigarettes. Maybe if the government didn't have Big Pharma, and Big Tobacco, in their back pockets, the general public would be a lot less fearful of something literally helping people live longer. 

I'm angry. Thanks for reading. 


What do you think the FDA's next move is? Are they approaching vaping from the right angle?

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