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Vaping Is Suddenly Good Again? How The Turntables...

Vaping Is Suddenly Good Again? How The Turntables...

We've seen a heck of a lot of talk about vaping in the media lately, primarily how bad it is with reference to the detrimental effects homemade vape juice and thc-infused e-liquid have had on a few. 



The infamous Cheeto Man tweeted early in September that flavoured vape products should be banned in the United States. A few days ago, about mid-month, he stepped back from that stance, stating that vaping has been great for adults quitting smoking, however counterfeit products should be quickly removed from the market, and there should be steps in place to ensure youth don't get their hands on vaping products. 

This isn't the first time the spray tan running the country has quickly reversed his stance. Funny how vaping homemade products with unsafe chemicals kill four people and he insists on a ban, yet there is a mass shooting almost every single day in the States' and nothing is done. 



After months of continuously attacking the vape industry, both the CDC and FDA launching investigations into vaping, and countless people turning back to cigarettes, the media has suddenly begun back-peddling. 

Countless major news sources are just now publishing articles about the dangers of a massive rollback on vapes. They're saying the same things we've been - what we know about vaping legal products is that it's saving lives. In fact, a trial conducted in the UK found that people who were offered vaping as a cessation tool for smoking were twice as likely to quit smoking cigarettes than those using patches or gum. 

These outlets are citing literally the exact same sources I've been using for months now, including, but not limited to; this one (vaping is 95% safer than smoking), this one (smoking rates have drastically fallen amongst youth), and this one (480,000 adults a year die of smoking related illnesses). 


The Glorious Point 

Stay educating yourselves and others, guys. We write these blogs for your sake, but also so you can have credible and reliable information and sources to help the misinformed. We love you guys, please don't turn back to smoking. Choose life! 


Have you or your friends recently thought about going back to smoking cigarettes because of the misinformation being spread? Let us know in the comments! 


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