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Vaping In Hospitals?!

Vaping In Hospitals?!

A few days ago a huge story broke about surrounding the controversial UK decisions to put vape shops in their hospitals in lieu of allowing people to sell and smoke cigarettes on the hospitals property. This is a huge move following a complete and total ban of smoking cigarettes anywhere on hospital grounds that came about last week. Frankly, as controversial and crazy as this is, we fully support the premise behind it, but I’m sure you still have some questions.



Aren’t there designated smoking areas?

At most hospitals, yes. In Ontario, smoking or vaping is not permitted on hospital grounds, however there are certain hospitals that provide a smokers area in the legal distance (must be at least 9 metres away from any entrance or exit) from the hospital doors. What differentiates the few UK hospitals and ours is that they’ve completely transformed their ‘smokers pit’ per se, to exclusively for vaping. While yes, they continue to not permit vaping indoors — considering the second-hand vapour — they have now completely banned smoking cigarettes on any part of the property, but will allow vaping exclusively in the designated areas far enough from the doors. Keep your eyes peeled for a blog about exactly what second-hand vapour is, and just how (incredibly not) harmful it is.

In Britain, health organizations, unlike the US and Canada, have embraced vaping as a healthier and safer alternative to smoking cigarettes, even stating it as incredibly effective for people trying to quit smoking!

But, you said they have vape shops inside?

Indeed I did, cherished reader. :)

Two hospitals have opened vape shops within their hospitals in order to promote a smoke-free environment within their walls, however they only allow vaping outside of the hospital in the designated areas as mentioned above. They also hope that it will encourage patients and employees alike to quit smoking cigarettes for good. That being said, they have allowed people to vape in most mental health hospitals in Britain, including vaping indoors.

The article published mentions that they do take into consideration the nicotine addiction that is upheld by switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping, however the real health concerns with smoking hardly comes from the nicotine. I’m not suggesting nicotine is good for our bodies by any means, however the same nation has published findings proving that vaping is 95% healthier than smoking. Tired of hearing that yet? I know, I’m pretty sure I’ve said it in every single blog I’ve written.


Here at Summit, we think Canada should take a few steps in the same direction the UK has. Here, we tend to create and promote vaping as something to be feared. I tend to think it’s because of a lack of understanding, and an ignorance to the studies and findings that are being published all the time regarding the health and safety of smokers vs. vapers. We would really love to see the Canadian government doing something to help rectify the dent Big Tobacco has caused on our society.

If you want to read more about government influence on the smoking industry, and especially the vaping industry, be sure to check out this blog.

Thanks for reading, and as always, leave comments so I know what you’re thinking!


Do you think it’s smart to open vape shops in hospitals? Why, or why not?

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